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Who have killed Khmer People until today?

This book is a result of conducting empirical research in association with the genocide, crimes against humanity and the human rights violations in Cambodia, which have occurred since 1975. It aimed to indicate the truth and the mystery, which took place in Cambodia to the people around the wold. I wishes also to clarify the doubt of the people about the killing fields. Many people wonder about who killed Khmer and who were behind the killing field? Those victims are mostly pro-democracy Khmer and the others such as Hmong, Cham and Khmer Krom. No perpetrators who are the top leaders or their mastermind have been brought to justice and responsible for the genocide despite ECCC has been processing the cases. Furthermore, these crimes against humanity and human rights violation continue to happen in Cambodia today. Therefore, I devoted my time to conducting this research concerning these complicated issues in this country at least to provide justice to the victims of this region who were killed, murdered, imprisoned, tortured and persecuted. Due to long-lasting controversial political conflict in this region, I have just decided to do the empirical analyse only the last three decades in association with genocide and the leadership of Hun Sen’s dictatorship regime.
Who have killed Khmer People until today?
Basing on qualitative research from the secondary data of the relevant evidences and documents together with my personal experiences in politics for over 10 years found that the genocide, crimes against humanity and human rights violation were impacted by the policy of Indochinese Communist Party. China led by Mao Tze Tung and Vietnam led Ho Chi Minh, who spread their communist ideology in Southeast Asia. Firstly, they spread into Cambodia by their followers such as Pol Pot regime and Hun Sen’s regime (Leslie Fielding, 2008). Their ideology is teaching the people to use violence and repress the rights and freedom of people. Obviously, They committed crimes against humanity and genocide in Cambodia that caused more than 2 million of Khmer people deaths and hundreds of thousands of people diaspora to the world such as Australia, Thailand, Malaysia ,USA, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Germany, Belgic, Norway, Sweden and Netherland and so on. The results also indicated that they targeted on pro-democracy Khmer or anyone who oppose against the policy of Indochinese Communist Party. The persons who oppose their policy considered as ‘enemy’, who would be imprisoned, tortured or killed. The people of this region have not yet received the justice, as they deserve so forth. On the contrary, those abusers and perpetrators are continuing to rule the country by committing crimes against humanity and violating the human rights until the present day. Those leaders are also former Khmer Rouge involved in the killing fields including Hun Sen, Hornam Hong and Heng Samrin and Keat Chhun (Human Rights Watch, 2015).
By seeing the continuous repression, imprisonment, violence, corruption keep occurring in Cambodia (Human Rights Watch, 2015), I am one of the many other pro-democracy Khmer victims, who is aware all these problems, I could not ignore or close my eye to see the nonstop of their crimes against humanity, human rights violation and injustice in society. I heard the people’s scream every day. They are crying and asking for help because the communist dictatorship regime Hun Sen and private companies have grabbed their land and force evicted. I just want to protect their rights and their lives as said in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We the Khmer people want to survive and live in peace and democracy like the people around the world as well. We Khmer people suffered enough under their policy. Why have they still killed and suppressed the people? 
The studies also found that a serious impact on the people in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia was a result of Vietnamese communist aggression supported by China, we can see that China exist huge populations (230 million populations) and they want to become a superpower in Asia and Vietnam (100 million populations) want to have influence in Southeast Asia. They look at Cambodia as a good place for their citizens to live because Cambodia has a plenty of national resource (ore, woods and oil) to booster their economic development. In addition, Vietnam and China always support both regimes Pol Pot and Hun Sen’s regime, which continues to commit crimes against humanity, human rights’ violation, imprisoning, murdering, human trafficking, force evicting and land grabbing; deforestation, ore exploitation, corruption, and extrajudicial killing as happened nowadays. 
I hope that this book will make our voice to draw the global attention on the human rights violation in Cambodia and the world will help and provide justice for all those victims. In particular, I pray for my younger brother and my colleagues to be released from the prison.
This document will be also helpful for political actors or policy makers to consider and learn more about the strategies and tactics of Indochinese communist Party, which used to abuse the people in this region especially in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. We expect that there will be no further happened repeatedly in other countries. However, the unexpected error in this book might be existing, that only the writer myself who is responsible for it.
This book divides into three Parts. The first Part I would do the political empirical analyse in particular the events involved in the Vietnam war and genocide in Cambodia. The second Part I will describes about the current human rights violation under Hun Sen’s regime and the last part I will give recommendations for leading the country toward true democracy.



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