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Hun Sen is not a Khmer Hero, Hun Sen is a Khmer Zero

Re: The Cambodia National Rescue Party in Paris

Hun Sen is the first Khmer hero in 800 years

By Mike

You guy wanna win an election you must show your blueprint and not garbage criticism. Only super dumb people may vote for Rainsy. You guy must stop ranting around to fool Khmers for your power gains. Please stop making fun on human life. PM Hun Sen is the first Khmer hero after 800 years of disaster. Hun Sen overthrew Pol Pot, right? Hun Sen rescued Khmers from the  killing fields, right? In fact, Hun Sen and Sihanouk made Vietnam widraw all troops from Cambodia, right? Now we can clearly see PM Hun Sen is a real Khmer hero, isn't it true?. Mike
Hun Sen is a Khmer Zero in 800 years

Anonymous said...


Hun Sen is not a Khmer Hero in 800 years like you said. Hun Sen is a Khmer Zero in 800 years.

First, he joined the Khmer Rouge in 1968 and then came to power in 1975. Before he came to power, he brutally killed many Khmers, even slitting the throats of patientsin a Kampong Cham hospital in around 1974 when he was a KR commander. During the KR regime from 1975-1977, before Hun Sen defected to Vietnam, there were massacres in the area where he controlled, the Eastern Zone, in around Kampong Cham. After he came to power in 1979, Hun Sen signed about five treaties giving lands to Vietnam- the 1979, 1982, 1983, 1985 treaties and the supplemental treaty in 2005 and he jailed Mam Sonando, Kem Sokha and Rong Chhun for criticizing the treaties.

From around 1982 to 1987, Hun Sen created the K5 Plan that sent hundreds of thousands of Khmers to die by starvation, by killings, by landmines and so on. Hun Sen did not want to make peace in 1991, but because the Viet troops withdrew in 1989 because the international community and the Resistance fighters forced them to withdraw, that's why Hun Sen agreed to negotiate and try to share power. He lost the 1993 election and threatened with a coup, so UNTAC, Sihanouk and Ranariddh agreed to share power. In March 1997, Hun Sen was behind the grenade attack that killed 19 people and wounded 100 more in front of the National Assembly. He had an affair with actress Pisith Pilika and his wife Bun Rany ordered someone to assassinate her in 1999. In July 1997 Hun Sen, the election loser, mounted a coup against the election winner and killed more than 100 Funcinpec officials. Hun Sen cheated the 1998, the 2003, and the 2008 elections to win and he will cheat in this year's election again.

He gave land to Viet and Chinese companies that saw many poor Khmers got evicted and their houses burned down. We saw many Khmer heroes like Mam Sonando, Sam Rainsy and Rong Chhun jailed because they tried to bring democracy to Cambodia. We saw he ordered the burning and demolition of the Boeung Kak Lake and Borei Keila residents' homes and jailed them because they tried to fight for their land and homes.



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